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Nicholas Forker Business Platform FX – The Platform For Global Payments and FX Trading

Platform FX – The Platform For Global Payments and FX Trading

The platform fx is an integrated foreign exchange software and global payments solution for front, middle and back-office trading functions. The system captures all workflow management from order-taking to settlement and provides full coverage of FX risk management, treasury management and compliance trade reporting. The system also offers a complete blotter for forward, spot and futures contracts including hedging, margin management and liquidity aggregation with flexible pricing templates for both auto-pricing and manual trader intervention pricing.

The underlying programming language, Power Fx, is human-friendly text that makers can work with in an Excel-like formula bar or Visual Studio Code text window. It’s a low-code language that makes common programming tasks easy for both makers who have never programmed before and seasoned developers. Power Fx is built on a foundation of components that enable different levels of code complexity, from no-code for the beginner to fully scalable pro-code that can scale to the cloud and run on any device.

“Platform FX: Navigating the World of Forex Trading Tools

Unlike object-oriented languages like JavaScript, where properties are expressed as objects, Power Fx uses a functional approach. For example, length is a property of a string in JavaScript, while in Power Fx, we express the same concept with a function: Len(string). This reduces the number of concepts a maker needs to understand in order to start expressing logic.

A key goal of the design of Power Fx was to make it accessible to the maker audience, many of whom don’t have formal training as developers. This is why we keep the number of concepts required to a minimum, and use the Excel concepts that makers already know.

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