Phone Number Validation API

Phone number validation API is an essential part of a business’s data collection process. A single invalid phone number can cost businesses valuable time and money in terms of missed sales opportunities and unnecessary expenses. The best phone number verification APIs make it easy to ensure that the phone numbers you use in your systems are current and valid, which can help to save time, improve marketing efforts and prevent costly errors.

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A good phone validation tool will allow you to validate phone numbers at scale, and with the capability of detecting carrier and line type information. You can integrate it into your website, CRM and ERP, making sure that the data you store is accurate. Byteplant’s API does a particularly great job of this, and is fully compliant with the FCC telephone consumer protection act, while also detecting correct line type. It also provides a range of different API endpoints, including XML and JSON formats, and can be used with five different programming languages.

Abstract’s phone validation and verification API is a reliable, robust platform that offers a variety of features, including detailed documentation, multiple libraries and tutorials. It’s also easily integrated into your system and can be scaled to accommodate a variety of different use cases. It offers up to 250 API requests for free, while additional plans are available based on different needs. The platform also includes a range of valuable features, including performance overview and team functionality.

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