How to Replace a Car Key

Losing a car key can be a very frustrating experience. Whether you’re heading out for a day of work or taking your kids to the store, you’ll want to know what you should do when you lose your key.

A Super Locksmith can help you with a range of locksmith services, including making a new replacement car key on the spot. Moreover, they will also be able to help you with lockouts, which is an emergency service that can save you from a lot of trouble and time.

Lost your car keys? Here’s what you need to know about car key replacement and programming

The first step is to determine which kind of key you need. Some types of keys are simple and easier to replace than others. You can also check if you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which could cover a replacement key.

If you’re not sure if your vehicle can be replaced with a traditional key or if it has a more advanced key, try calling the dealership where you purchased your car. Often, they’ll have a replacement available and it may be cheaper than getting it done at a locksmith.

Some cars have laser-cut keys that are more complex than the basic key blocks from 1981. These keys have transponders in them that need to be programmed with special machines. This can be a very expensive process, since the key shank and fob together cost up to $160.

If you’re looking for a new car key, the most economical option is to purchase one online. However, be aware that some car models need specialized equipment to cut and program them, so it’s best to call around to get quotes on the price of a key and programming charges before buying online.

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