Choosing the Right Type of Playground Surfacing

playground surfacing sussex

When children play they are bound to take a tumble now and then. However, if the fall is on a safe and shock-absorbing surface this could prevent a minor injury from becoming something more serious. This is why surfacing is a vital part of any playground and there are many different options for safety surfaces, some more expensive than others.

A common choice is a playground surfacing sussex  which can be coloured with a wide variety of bright colours to appeal to children. This is an impact-absorbent surfacing that meets BS EN 1177 standards and is designed to be non-slippery, with rubber granules on the surface.

“Safe Play, Happy Kids: The Importance of Playground Surfacing in Hertfordshire

It is important to know that a wetpour safety surfacing installation needs professional installers because it involves pouring the epdm layer wearing course on site and creating a base layer of impact absorbing surfacing. Both the epdm layer wearing course and the base layer are tested to bs en 1177 safety standards and meet critical fall height requirements for playground equipment.

Another option is bonded rubber mulch, which offers a more natural look to the playground. It can be used in a wetpour system to create a green wetpour safety surfacing finish, which can be installed to meet BS EN 1177 safety standards and comply with critical fall height requirements for playground equipment.

When choosing a surface, you should also consider how much maintenance is required and if it is easy to maintain. Ideally, you want a surface that is a high-quality material that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. You should also ask about what raw materials are used to make the surface and if the material has been field-tested. It is essential that any potential hazards are identified and addressed quickly so that a minor issue does not become a major problem.

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