Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite Decking Boards | Futurewood is an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and durable decking material. It’s made from recycled or reclaimed materials, including plastic and wood scraps. It’s available in a variety of earth tones and wood colors to match your outdoor decor.

Do composite decks rot?

It’s More Durable Than Wood – Many composite products last 25+ years without rot, decay or insect damage. They require minimal maintenance, like cleaning with mild soap and water.

They’re splinter-free and won’t absorb stains. They also hold their color longer than natural wood, never fading to a neutral gray like older lumber.

Depending on the manufacturer, they can either be made with a combination of reclaimed and new material or completely synthetic. They’re often capped with a synthetic coating to prolong the boards’ service life and increase resistance to stain, scratch and discoloration.

Capped composite boards are typically made with a core of reclaimed and new material (or all-new) mixed with polyethylene or PVC. The core is surrounded by a synthetic coating that improves performance and adds a variety of color options.

Some capped boards are four-sided. This offers a reversible board that is completely sealed for protection against the elements. Emulated wood grain patterns differ on each side of the board to provide more design flexibility.

If you’re looking for the best quality level product, look for 4-sided capped composite. This is the highest-quality and most durable product with a protective shield to help guard against mold, mildew and moisture. It’s virtually maintenance-free and has the most aesthetic appeal.

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