What Are Nicotine Shots?

nic shots

Nic shots are flavourless nicotine boosters that can be added to short fill eliquids in different strengths to boost the amount of nicotine contained within. They come in 10ml bottles and are typically available in a variety of VG/PG ratios, allowing vapers to create their preferred nic strength. Nicotine salts are similar to the form of nicotine that is naturally found in tobacco leaves and have a higher absorption rate, allowing them to satisfy cravings more quickly and can be more palatable for ex-smokers.

Until recently, new regulations required every nicotine-containing e-liquid to undergo costly and time consuming testing. These tests could delay the release of many desirable e-liquids until manufacturers had the necessary paperwork in order to get them to market, which is where nic shots came into play.

Understanding Nicotine Shots: A Comprehensive Guide to Nic Shots

In essence a nic shot is a nicotine concentrate that can be added to any 0mg shortfill bottle to increase its strength. The most popular strength of nic shot is 18mg but you can purchase other strengths too.

The procedure for adding a nic shot to your favorite shortfill is simple. Remove the cap and tamper seal from your nic shot and replace the shortfill bottle nozzle. Open the nozzle on the shortfill and pour the nic shot in. Close the bottle and shake by hand to thoroughly mix.

Once the liquid has been thoroughly mixed you can start vaping! It is recommended that you let the mixture steep for at least a few hours before you enjoy.