ADI Water Mains Replacement Services

Leak Detection, Supply Pipe Repair, Complete Replacements and New Installations

If you are experiencing discoloured water, high water bills or a drop in pressure then it is likely that you have a mains water leak somewhere within your property. Using state of the art technology our specialist engineers are able to locate the source of your leak quickly, safely and with minimum disruption to you and your home or business.

ADI Water Mains Replacement Services service line replacement is an important part of the city’s efforts to improve our local water infrastructure and ensure residents receive clean, safe drinking water. Lead service lines connect the water main under the street to a household plumbing system, and in most cases, are made of galvanized steel or lead.

Dripping Questions: Your Comprehensive Guide to Important FAQs on Leak Detection

The City has started replacing these lead service lines through a combination of required replacement projects and customer-initiated replacements. The City will replace the lead service line on the private side of a property, which is the portion between the water main and the curb stop or shut-off valve (also known as a B-box). It will also reimburse the property owner up to the cost of the low bid for the replacement of the lead or galvanized service line connecting the meter box with the foundation of the building. The Village will also provide a loan at 0% interest to help low-income property owners defray the cost of a full lead service line replacement.

The City will prioritize the replacement of lead service lines based on its Equity Prioritization Plan, which ranks Census Block Groups for their level of need by weighting ADI and blood lead levels and comparing them to rates of poverty, education attainment, and housing affordability. This will determine which areas of the city are most in need of this critical work, and how many lead service lines can be replaced each year.