Buying a Case For Your iPhone 13 Pro

Unless you’re one of those rare people with an indestructible phone, it’s probably wise to invest in a case for your iphone 13 pro. A case keeps it safe from scratches, dents and shattered screens that can occur when your phone accidentally falls on a hard surface. It also protects the back cameras, which can be vulnerable if they come into contact with rough surfaces.

Do phone cases make a difference?

Most people need a good-looking and rugged case, especially if they’re in a work environment with a lot of activity or have rambunctious kids. Those with active lifestyles, such as outdoor sports enthusiasts, should consider a tougher case that’s rated for multiple drops.

If you don’t want to shell out for a premium case, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market. Caseology, for example, offers a simple plastic case that’s pretty nice for the price and has some interesting color combinations. And British brand Torro has some affordable leather cases for the iPhone 13, including a bumper case and a wallet case with a magnetic clasp and card slots that converts into a stand. This Link :

Lifeproof, which made its name with waterproof cases, continues to offer its line of protective cases for the iPhone 13. The Evo Max (pictured left) is a solid option that’s rated for 20-foot drop protection and comes with a belt clip and holster. Catalyst, which also specialized in waterproof cases, now focuses on standard protective cases and has a new model called the Influence with a transparent back that shows off your wireless charging coil.