Drone Asset Inspection Services

Kapcher are revolutionising the way major assets are inspected, monitored and managed. They are also reducing operational costs and improving staffing levels.

What is asset inspection drone?

Traditionally inspections have been a time-consuming and costly process for companies to complete, requiring a lot of planning, preparation and red tape. In addition, the task often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars to complete.

The first step in any maintenance or repair process is an inspection. If an inspection reveals an issue that needs to be fixed, then the next step is to conduct a manual repair. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for large or complex assets that require scaffolding or other temporary structures to support a manual inspection.

When inspecting difficult areas, like chimneys or cell towers, a drone can remove the inspector from harm’s way and reduce risk. Drones are also easier to use when taking photos, videos or measurements, as they can cover a broader range of angles and areas that would be impossible for workers to access.

Another benefit of drone inspection is that it provides a broader view of the site and can help teams spot issues before they become a problem. It also generates a long visual paper trail that can help companies respond to any problems faster. It also allows companies to compare data from previous inspections to estimate when an issue started. This makes it easier to make decisions and keep track of maintenance schedules and expenses.