The Best Rehabs in Charleston SC

The city of Charleston, South Carolina has some of the best rehabs in Charleston SC. From inpatient programs to outpatient services, these centers are able to provide a variety of treatment options.

What are the 3 types of rehab?

Substance abuse is a very serious issue in Charleston. In fact, this is the county that has the highest concentration of opioid pills in the nation. It is estimated that 94 overdose deaths occurred in Charleston County in 2017.

Drug and alcohol addiction are not limited to a certain group of people. They can affect any individual, regardless of age, gender or income level. To treat substance abuse effectively, treatment should be tailored to each patient’s needs. Choosing the right program is a crucial step toward recovery.

Charleston County has a large number of drug and alcohol rehab centers. Before choosing a program, it is important to research the different types of services available. Also, it is crucial to learn about health insurance coverage.

Many drug rehabs in Charleston offer inpatient and outpatient programs. Some of these programs also include medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This type of treatment can reduce cravings, help detoxify, and make the process easier.

One of the top-rated rehabilitation centers in Charleston is Lantana Recovery. Lantana offers a wide range of services including an intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization. It has multiple locations across the country and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Crossroads Recovery Centers in Charleston provides medication-assisted treatment. The center has a team of doctors and qualified counselors who will guide you through your journey.