Should Erotic Porn Be Censored in Germany?

If you have visited Germany, you may have noticed that pornography isn’t exactly what you would think. It doesn’t involve violence and is not aimed at children. And it is definitely not animal-based. Rather, it is a form of “glamour” pornography.

This type of literature was first published in 1564 at the Council of Trent. Over the years, numerous books have been banned for displaying erotic scenes. Some of the best known victims of pre-censorship were Georg Buchner and Heinrich Heine. Source :

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In the 1920s, trials against ‘indecent’ material became part of the legal apparatus of the state. The court has to balance the freedom of access to material for research and teaching with the constitutional protection of minors.

There is an ongoing debate about whether pornography should be censored. The Berlin Regional Court has declared many allegedly ‘immoral’ images indecent.

Censorship of writings is also still part of the German legal system. For instance, a new translation of the 1921 Italian novel Kokain was censored. However, this was only after the German Bundesverfassungsgericht found that the work had artistic value.

Unlike in the US, where pornography is strictly considered adult, it is a legal form of entertainment in Germany. Unlike child pornography, however, the risk of moral harm isn’t necessarily high.

When discussing the question of whether or not to censor erotic literature, it is important to remember that art is the expression of the artist’s impressions and experiences. Creations that touch the sexual should only be created by artists with a mature body and mind.