Protect Your Computer With a URL Scanner

Using a URL scanner can be an invaluable tool for protecting your computer from malicious links and phishing sites. This type of scanning can flag both new and old malicious links and can assign risk scores based on the URL reputation. These programs also consider other content regarding a link, which can provide a more safe browsing experience.

Malicious URL Scanner | Scan URLs for Malware

URL scanners are available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. They work on the same principles as antivirus software. If you download files from the Internet, your antivirus software will scan them, but a URL scanner adds another layer of defense. You can also use an external url scanner, like VirusTotal, to check the cleanliness of a website’s code.

A URL scanner will detect any suspicious links and perform domain phishing checks. Using the latest threat data and AI algorithms, these tools can prevent clicks on phishing links and malware. These programs also detect new, compromised domains and protect against zero-day malware. By combining these methods, an IPQS scanner can protect your computer from malicious links, even if you are not actively using the Internet.

An URL scanner can also scan documents that are embedded on a website. If an embedded document contains a URL that is deemed a threat, the scanner will warn you about it and redirect you to the original website. The replacement text must be entered in the field to the right of the check box. It should be a maximum of 128 characters.